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Full Management

Our full management package includes:

a. Provision of competent officers and crew, certified as required and also with qualifications as considered necessary for the vessel and the trade; arranging their joining and repatriation as well as related functions, as required, including union relations, medical examinations, etc.

b. Supply of provisions, stores, consumables and other required stores

c. Provision of lubricating oils

d. Maintenance of the vessel to the agreed standard including repairs, dry docking and provision of spares and in the case of tankers, fulfilling requirements of the oil majors

e. Keeping of records and ensuring that the vessel is well documented with all certificates, manuals, etc., as required for the agreed trades

f. Provision of insurance for the vessel as agreed, but with minimum of H&M. War and P&I insurance and also handling and settling of claims

g. Allocation of superintended to the vessel, with necessary back-up, who will be responsible for the technical/economical operation of same and will visit the vessel at regular intervals or whenever required

h. Handling of all operational matters for spot market or time-chartered vessels such as pre-fixture voyage estimates, post fixtures, voyage instructions, monitoring vessel’s performance

i. Handling of charter party disputes, FDD and cargo claims, bunkering, appointment of agents, freights and hire

j. Monitor and maintain an active on-board safety culture and Health, safety, security & environment management system

Crew Management

Company can provide a compherehensive solution to your crewing needs. Though our manning agents in over a dozen countries, we can ensure that the vessel are manned with qualified and efficient crew. Our aim is to provide you with the best quality staff on economical budget. We have set exacting standards in our selection process and comply with ISM, OHSAS, ISO, and TMSA requirements.

Company is proud of its sea-going staff and we believe that we have some of the finest officers and crew sailing on our ships. We continue to invest a lot of time and effort in sourcing our staff and building our team.

The scope of our crew management services will include the following:

a. Crew selection and employment

b. Preparation and execution of crew contracts

c. Arranging crew licenses and certification

d. Evaluation of crew training needs and provide the necessary training

e. Monitor and arrange crew reliefs

f. Monitor and administer crew payroll, remittances, and pay-offs

g. Liaise with crew unions and ITF

h. Monitor crew performance and welfare

i. Evaluate future crew requirements

j. Preparation and monitoring of manning budgets


Technical Management

PT. Mega Maroci Lines provides a high caliber of technical and operational assistance to the managed fleet through a team of experienced Chief engineers and Masters.

The technical department oversees the entire technical operation of the fleet through managers and superintendents responsible for different types of vessels, and main engine propulsion, and provides support to the fleet, which covers the following aspects as a minimum:

a. Monitor and maintain an active on-board safety culture and safety management system

b. Monitor and follow up on the maintenance and upkeep of the vessels

c. Keep the vessels in compliance with all the regulatory requirements of Classifications societies, Flag, National and other International bodies

d. Arrange, prepare and attend all inspections onboard the vessels as per the requirement of the Owners and the Health, safety, Security and Environment management system

e. Prepare the annual operating expense budget for all vessels in the fleet and monitor on regular basis

f. Prepare monthly expense summary together with any variance explanations

g. Obtain worldwide bids and prepare the estimates of all major repairs and in dry docks with attendance as required

Apart from the above duties, the Technical Department coordinates the reports from all the vessels and assists the operations and vetting department for vetting inspections and efficient cargo operations. The Technical Department also coordinates the handling of any insurance claim by following up the vessels in